Who wants to be an Imam?

By Zayba Abdulla

When he’s not enjoying a game of badminton or rocking out to religious songs, Muhammad Asyraf Ridzuan, spends his time brainstorming ways to be an effective Imam.  The younger generation needs an Imam they can open up to and relate to.  Malaysian TV officials thought, “What better way to find this rare breed of a Muslim leader than a reality TV show?” I think they may have started a new trend.

An Islamic reality television show, that began in Malaysia, is now becoming a worldwide phenomenon that may appear on your television screen depending on where in the world you’re seated.  The show incorporates a series of challenges that 10 young men must accomplish in order to gain the title of Malaysia’s top role model for young Muslims.  The competition quickly became the most-watched program on the network’s channel, as viewers were drawn to the novelty of a competition that would narrow down a group of men to find the one that would best lead the young Muslims of the community.  It’s like a Muslim version of “The Bachelor,” minus the women.

Coming out on top, in the competition, was our badminton loving Muhammed Asyraf Ridzuan.  He impressed the panel of three judges with his knowledge of how to conduct the proper Islamic ablutions on a corpse, his wise advice when counseling an unmarried pregnant woman and teenagers about premarital sex, and his superior recitation of the Quran.  He was rewarded with an array of prizes including: an all-expenses-paid trip to perform a pilgrimage in Mecca, a car, iPhone, laptop, and what translates to about $6,400 dollars.  The most rewarding prize of all though is the honor of being the Imam at the well-known Kuala Lumpur mosque in Malaysia.  (NICE!)

The Muslim world is catching on quickly to the quirks of the public.  They have learned that any time something becomes a competition, it instantly will attract an audience, specifically a younger audience. For certain parts of our world, it’s no longer about who wants to be a millionaire, but about who wants to be an Imam.



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