Meet the Emirati founder and designer of Caliente caps

Caliente caps founder

Thirty-two-year-old Emirati designer Hamdan Al Samt has harnessed a style trend that continues to gain momentum across the UAE. He’s the founder of Caliente (Spanish for hot), a fashion-forward brand of snapback, trucker-style caps in bold designs, worn by high-profile people including Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed, Crown Prince of Dubai. Moreover, in recognition of the law introducing national service in the military for Emirati men between 18 and 30 years of age, Al Samt is launching a special cap featuring the UAE flag and the words “United Army” in the next few months. In an exclusive interview, the designer reveals more about his latest creation and his plans to open a shop in The Dubai Mall.

You’ve just finalised details for a ­limited-edition Caliente cap. Can you describe it?

Well, no one knows this yet, but yes, due to the fact that Emiratis are now being called up for service, I’m creating a cap for that. It was designed with the theme of the army in mind so that anyone who is joining up could wear it with pride. It will also be available to buy in our store and online. It will be made of a light cotton material to keep the wearer cool and I’ll produce it in the colour of army fatigues, shades of sand camouflage.

What writing will it bear?

It will say “United Army” on the front of it. There will also be the UAE flag on the side. It’s just something I decided to create so that it could be worn by those doing national service during downtime, as well as anyone else who might like it. It will be finished in a couple of months.

Is there any cultural sensitivity in Emirati nationals sometimes swapping the wearing of a gutra for a cap?

Basically sometimes you want to wear the gutra and sometimes not. Things are definitely changing and alhamdulillah, since I launched Caliente in 2013, I’ve seen a lot more people wearing caps with kanduras.


Original article by Rebecca McLaughlin-Duane

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Meet the Emirati founder and designer of Caliente caps



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  1. Al Samt’s responsiveness to new legislation passed in the UAE answering with his fashion-forward brand is a true UAE patriot’s tribute.

    Early attempts at outfitting the military headwear demonstrates Al Samt’s initiative and aspiration possibly to design and manufacture the entire military outfit for men called to serve in the Emirati Armed Forces ages 18-30

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