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Why Tourism in Turkey on the Rebound ?


The economy in Turkey is suffering, but most of the tables are occupied on the first floor of the Sultanahmet Köftecisi restaurant, where the walls are lined with photographs of President Recep Tayyip Erdogan visiting the establishment and four generations of the family that has run the place since its opening in 1920. Tourism seems to be growing and on the rebound.

Amid the lunchtime rush at a nearly 100-year-old restaurant in Istanbul’s famous Sultanahmet district, French tourist Isabelle Laval indulged in one of Turkey’s national dishes, “kofte,” meatballs made of beef or lamb.

The eatery wasn’t always so packed. Visits plunged two years ago after a suicide bomber killed 12 German tourists across the street.

“If you keep thinking of this, you don’t do anything,” Laval told The Media Line.

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