Syria welcomes visitors with open arms: Is Syria Safe for tourism?

Syrians escape an inhuman regime by the million. European countries are in a state of crisis trying to welcome Syrian refugees, but at the FITUR trade show in Madrid last month one of the countries exhibited and lobbied for European tourists was Syria.

At the upcoming ITB Berlin in hall 2.2 visitors will be able to discuss incoming travel to Syria with exhibiting Syriana Travel & Tourism, while hundreds of Syrians are camping out in shelters connected to the Berlin convention center Messe Berlin.

How safe is it to travel to Damascus? Syrian tour guides and the ministry of tourism want you to think it’s safe. American citizens returning to the U.S. after visiting Syria may face some tough questions when returning home.

The flow of Chinese tourists to Syria has increased over the past year, marking the revival of the country’s tourism sector, which is due to the victories of the Syrian army.

While the Chinese government is warning its citizens to travel to Canada, outbound Chinese visitors don’t find such warnings when visiting Syria.

The return of Chinese tourists to Syria has begun.

Jordan is holding meetings to resume flights between Amman and Damascus. Taxi and bus service between Beirut and Damascus is operating fine. Immigration on the Lebanese- Syrian Border is efficient and allows visa on arrival for many nationalities.




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