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After two months of talking with some of the most hyperactive brains in SportsTech, the scouting journey is reaching its end. There are now only 10 days left until applications close and we would love to meet you and your team. If you want to know more about the program then save a time in our calendar. We are always ready for a chat.

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Ask not what SportsTech can do for you…

During our time on the road, we have been lucky to partner up with the absolute forefront of SportsTech. Our backlog of international mentors includes thought leaders and experts who each are pushing the industry forward.

Advice from our Mentor range wide. David Geddes, President & CEO of the International Sports and Tech Association, recommends entrepreneurs of the vertical to maintain a holistic view on their business.

“Add people to your team that understand both technology and the sports industry. Having one without the other makes understanding your buyer extremely difficult. Spend more time discovering customer needs before you go to market,” says David Geddes in our Meet the Mentor Interview.


SportsTech entrepreneurs operate in a relatively new vertical. Tight collaboration between startups and established sports institutions is vital for any sports technology to succeed.

“Make the football pitch leading in what you develop. When I say ‘pitch’, I mean the practical situation whether it is the indoor or outdoor people who know what is happening. If you ask the right questions, they will give you valuable input to develop your technologies,” says Fouad El Fdil, International Football Coach at the Royal Dutch Football Association.


Many of our Mentors stress this same principle of collaboration and giving back to the industry. “Ask not what Esports can do for you. Ask what you can do for Esports,” says Sam Cooke, founder & Managing Director of Esports Insider.

“Be genuine, as if you are well-intentioned, help others, and provide a solid and reliable service there is no reason you can’t be a part of the wider upward spiral of the esports industry, but don’t forget it’s a long-term play. If you’re in this industry for short-term gains, pack it up now and look elsewhere,” Sam continues in our Mentor Spotlight interview.

The Partners

We are proud to have a selection of amazing partners on the ground in Doha who can help the startups get the most out of the program. During their stay in Doha, the startups will have support and access to heavy hitters such as Qatar Financial Center, the Ministry of Economics and Commerce and IBM.

Our offices are located in the groundbreaking sports complex, Aspire Zone providing state-of-the-art sports and research facilities. Through world-class experts and cutting-edge technology Aspire’s medical center, Aspetar is leading in the field of sports medicine.

During the first couple of months in Qatar, we have been met with an overwhelming support. Access to risk-willing capital, top-tier facilities, and truly excited partners makes Doha fertile grounds for a thriving SportsTech ecosystem.

Our Founding partner, Qatar Development Bank, have set aside $100 million for a fund earmarked specifically for supporting startups. Qatar Development Bank is eager to invest in the vertical with the aim of turning Doha into the SportsTech capital of the world.

Selection Days

Preparations have already commenced making Selection Days a truly spectacular event. Mentors will be gathered from all corners of the globe to asses the best and the brightest that SportsTech has to offer.

Sorting through the hundreds of applying startups to find the 20 most promising teams is no simple task. The sheer amount of creativity, ingenuity, and persistence that we have seen during our global scouting is both exhilarating and humbling.

Though time is running short we in no way believe that we have seen it all. This is your chance to jump on the train and join us for three months of intense acceleration. Get 1:1 feedback from our backlog of global experts, form pivotal partnerships with leading sports organizations and facilities and land investments that will make your technology the standard for the sports industry.

We can’t wait to see what you have in store for us.  Apply today



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