Kuwaiti Teens and the App Craze

Every time I turn around, open a newspaper, switch on the TV or even take a breath of air it seems a new “app”, a.k.a. “application”, is revealed that is setting its creator up for the kind of success that only the likes of Mark Zuckerberg could dream up. Perhaps the most intriguing aspect about the app mania that has griped our digital world lately are the faces behind them. Teenage boys, who have not even hit puberty yet and should be wrapped up in typical boy activities like sports or parasailing off their parent’s roof with only a bed sheet and a few pieces of duct tape, are the primary driving force behind the app movement.

Even Muslim teens are getting in on the app action. This past week, the mask was removed from a popular app guru named Abdulrahman Alzanki, who is a 14-year-old Kuwaiti citizen that admittedly is bored by video games. For Alzanki, he would rather create something rather than waste his time racking up a high score on a game. His very first app is called “Doodle Destroy” and it has already been downloaded 90,000 times by Apple iPhone users looking for their next app fix.

The sweet taste of success has wet Alzanki’s palate and he is already developing more apps. He has already created “Doodle Destroy II” which is currently being sold for $1 and a free game called “Vanish Balls.” Setting his sights as high as they can possibly soar, Alzanki wants to develop games for the big gaming dogs like X-Box. He plans on attending Stanford University and upping his app-creating repertoire to pave his future path with pure gold.

Source: CNN



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