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Environmental group to launch ‘Say no to plastic bags’ campaign in Qatar


More than 100,000 biodegradable shopping bags will be given out to residents in the new year as part of a wider campaign to encourage greater environmental awareness in Qatar.

The “Go Green” initiative is being launched by a local group that plans to take their message to popular venues such as Villaggio and City Center malls, Katara Cultural Village and locations around the Pearl-Qatar.

Organizers also hope to visit schools and universities to spread their “say no to plastic bags” mission, said Ashwath Hegde, chief executive ofDial Doha International.

Speaking to Doha News, he said his company will be handing out biodegradable grocery bags made of cornstarch that decompose after around four months and leave no chemical traces in the environment.

Hegde said that he has held similar successful campaigns in the western Indian states of Goa and Karnataka, and has turned his attention to Qatar to help people realize there are alternatives to plastic shopping bags.

“We’re not asking people to buy anything, but to take the bags for free and try them to see for themselves how well they work. I really want to start changing the national mindset here about the use of bags and to get people looking at how many bags they are taking and using everyday,” Hegde said.


Original article by Lesley Walker

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Environmental group to launch ‘Say no to plastic bags’ campaign in Qatar



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