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Elan’s First Installment of “Like A Boss, featuring Said Baaghil”

Elan’s new column, “Like a Boss.”

Elan is proud to announce our first ever profile feature; “LIKE A BOSS”.  We’ll celebrate a new pioneering thought leader in every piece. The people in these features will all posses originality, fearlessness, a love of innovation and integrity.

We are proud to feature Said Baaghil as our first ever “BOSS”.

Said Aghil Abdallah Baaghil is a branding and marketing consultant as well as an author on brand and marketing strategies, based in Saudi.

He completed his higher studies at University of Maine at Machias with a B.Sc. in Business Administration (Concentration: Marketing) in 1990. Said has been a presence in the world of marketing ever since.

Said is known by the public and the media in the Middle East as,  “The Branding and Marketing Guru”. Baaghil was invited to the world stage both to consult and to speak by America’s top consultants such as Dan Hill and Libby Gill. You can see Baaghil’s praise in Dan Hill’s book Emotionomics.

You’ve seen Said’s work; He created the top selling energy drink in the kingdom, “CODE RED 9”, “Women’s Awareness Month” was his brainchild, (thank him for the orange scarves all over Instagram) and he is the first Arab branding and marketing author/consultant  to be recognized for his work outside of the region.

Ever an innovator, Said recently launched  “Take Answers”.  The innovative app allows clients to ask him marketing and branding questions for a fee; or request an in-person marketing consultation.

The app was invented out of necessity, as Said knows that in an unsteady global economy, access to multiple markets ensures a higher chance of success.  “In my business, when the economy is slow, the first things to get slashed are marketing budgets, so as a businessman, I have to make sure that I have a diverse portfolio of clients to maintain my business.”

“The app has generated leads across the globe for me.  People are finding me via social media networks and requesting my services.  It’s great; no longer are my services confined to my location.  With this app, I can provide marketing and branding insight for people in China, The US, Russia, anywhere at all.”, says Baaghil.

Elan’s “Like a Boss” 5 question interview of Said Aghil Abdallah Baaghil.

Elan: What has been your biggest challenge?

The biggest challenge is working in marketing with people who have a trading mindset and short term goals. No one is there to build for tomorrow, most organizations are looking for immediate returns. You can’t build successful brands over night, -you need a strategy to lead and most try to avoid the strategic thought line.

Elan: What’s your idea of happiness?

My idea of happiness is over come your weakness and fulfill your everyday desire -and spread that around.

Elan: Who is your favorite hero/heroine in history?

Ghandi holds a great place in my heart, but I like FDR’s leadership and how it helped evolve America to its greatness .

Elan: What’s your favorite motto?

Life is limitless.

Elan: What is your greatest regret?

I failed to fulfill my only love.



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