Turning Quran memorization into a social experience


Following a two-hour Skype call, it seemed clear to me that entrepreneurship runs in the blood of Bilal Memon, a young Pakistani who was born in New Jersey and grew up in New York. He comes from a family of serial entrepreneurs. His father founded a wholesale distribution company in New Jersey. Specializing in aluminium, plastic, and other products, it’s today run by his brothers. Despite the fact that Memon did not establish his own company in the beginning, the path he chose gave him the necessary experience to embark on the entrepreneurship adventure and work on his first app Qur’an Academy.

Qur’an Academy

Memon memorized the Holy Quran when he was 10 years old. But over time, he began forgetting, and mistakes would always crop up at the same points in the verses. “I used to put signs next to the lines that I forget, and the page would be full with signs. I found myself committing the same mistakes,” he says. “When you review a part for four or five times, you memorize it and you would not repeat the same mistakes, but two weeks later, you will commit the same mistakes again.” He spent years reviewing the Quran in this way, using the pen, until he decided to create an alternative way. And so was born the Qur’an Academy app which aims to help Muslims memorize, review, and test their knowledge.

Memon, and his team of three people, has been developing the app for four months now and they intend to launch a private beta version in August for iPads. So far, around 1,000 people have registered to test the app, hailing from US, UK, Canada, KSA, Malaysia, and Indonesia. Once feedback is received they will launch it on iOS and Android. 

Displayed in Arabic, the memorizer can highlight lines that they have recited incorrectly. Each time they recite the line or passage wrong, the colours will change, going from yellow for the first time, to orange for a second time, to red if they hit the big three. The app will also hide lines in order to test the users’ knowledge.

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Turning Quran memorization into a social experience




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