The First Consultancy App for Startups


Take Answers marked 55 Days into the launch of the first online consultancy app. Take Answers is the first consultancy app to serve Start-ups and SME’s, the app is available in both IOS and Google play.

55 Days into this revolutionary journey, a total of 404 experts are on board and 335 clients. The App was very well received by the Middle Eastern and Africa market with great expert representation from Saudi Arabia (183), UAE (65) and Egypt (27). We aim to cover the world, all hands-on experts in specialized fields are welcome to join us and so are clients. We are proud of the expert representation from South Africa (11), India, (13) , UK (10), Canada (8) and USA (7)

Take Answers has a goal to empower Experts from all over the world, with an immediate focus on the Middle East  -furthermore, making consultancy services available and affordable for Start-ups and SME’s in the region, will have an immediate impact on the economic growth and invest in the knowledge bank of the Middle East.

Take Answers creates an Uncorporate culture by serving Entrepreneurs, Startups and SMEs seeking quick answers through question and answer model across various business fields. To be an expert on Take Answer we require minimum of five years’ experience in specific field. Welcome freelancers and employs to join and earn extra money during their free time. 

As the business world is facing drastic change and technology is the playing an essential role, in 2015 the founder of Take Answers – Said Baaghil – decided to develop the model of question and answers on the go specific for his clients, once the business seemed viable he up scaled to invite experts on board and make consultancy both affordable and available for Start-ups and SME’s. 

Thank you to those that joined us, thank you for being part of our dream and we look forward to many to join our “uncorporate” journey of change in the business consultancy world, together we can make dreams come true!



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