Who Inspires Usain Bolt?

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By: Hyacinth Mascarenhas

After two weeks of captivating performances, both record-breaking and heart-breaking, the Olympic torch was finally extinguished on Sunday in London.

Inspiring heroes from all over the globe gave us new world records, historic firsts for many countries, and amazing stories of struggle, achievement, and fight.

But where do they get their inspiration from?

Jamaican Usain Bolt, the world’s fastest man proved once again that the nickname “Lightening Bolt” is here to stay. Winning gold in the 100m, 200m and 4×100 relay races in back-to-back Olympics, Bolt has rightly earned the status of “living legend” but draws his inspiration from another sport altogether.

As a supporter of the Pakistani cricket team in his childhood, Bolt voiced his admiration for former Pakistan fast-bowler Waqar Younis on a BBC Radio show in 2009.

“I looked up to him because he had a great in-swinging yorker. It was wonderful,” Bolt said on the show. “I started watching cricket when I was younger and Pakistan was my team growing up.”

Playing junior cricket before heading to the track, Bolt has long voiced his love and admiration for the game, and is even considering an offer from legendary leg-spinner Shane Warne to play Twenty20 cricket in Australia next season as well, according to Australian media.

Whatever path he does decide to go for, after the past few weeks, it’s safe to say he could be a pretty good bet between the wickets and may even try his hand at a few yorkers himself.



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