Pokémon GO! The New Arab Revolution


Pokémon GO! has been nothing short of an international sensation. From people wandering into the streets trying to catch Pokémon to stampedes in Central Park, the addictive game has put the public in high alert – even in Arab countries such as Egypt and the UAE where the app has not been officially released. Islamic clerics have gone so far as to issue a fatwa against playing Pokémon. But despite all of this, Pokémon GO! is still quite the obsession in the Arab world. We highlight the top 10 social media posts showcasing the Middle East’s reaction to Pokémon GO!


1.  The shoe thrown at George W. Bush is something that Arabs will never live down.

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2.  Players have taken over the streets to catch them…some believe they are underground.


3.  Players have also noticed that Pokéstops are typically found in masjids, making some question whether people are suddenly becoming religious, or simply there to catch a rare Pokémon.



4. If you thought asking your neighbors for something was embarrassing enough, imagine having to explain to them that there’s a fictional creature in their yard you need to catch.



5. So what will the Middle East be like when the app is finally released officially in Arab countries? Some believe that it will look something like this:



 By: Malek Elsayyid



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