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Not just prayer beads — they are pieces of art

November 26, 2014 1:35 pm

1416396546241430900Tasneem Anwar Ishqi’s love for jewels with symbols and meanings was well-known from her childhood. Today, through practice and perseverance, she has earned a name for herself in the Kingdom’s jewelry designing industry. She developed a new concept in the world of jewelry that represents unique prayer beads in different colors and with meanings.

Though Tasneem studied French translation at King Abdulaziz University, designing was a hobby that gradually grew into an inspiring project.

Arab News met with the Saudi designer to find out more about her brand and designs of her tasbeeh (prayer) beads.

How was your beginning in the field of jewelry designing?

I had a passion for jewelry designing from a very young age. I used to take the prayer beads, break it down into small pieces and put it back again with the addition of other materials from different countries. In the end, it would become one beautiful masterpiece with a spiritual meaning. When I finished designing, I gave it away to my family and friends, I never sold it because I couldn’t sell my feelings. It’s value is more expensive than the piece itself.

Later on when I accepted the idea of sharing my religion and feelings, I was convinced to offer my designs for sale, to deliver my feelings to people. It is impossible to repeat my designs or make similar ones.

Original article by Yusra Faisal

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Not just prayer beads — they are pieces of art



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