JAMM presents Alice in Wonderland-inspired exhibition by American-Pakistani artist Simeen Farhat

unnamedJAMM presents Curiouser and curiouser, a solo exhibition by American-Pakistani artist Simeen Farhat, showcasing a number of new sculptures and a large installation inspired by the story of Alice in Wonderland, written by Lewis Carroll.

In doing so, the artist revisits her long-time interest in language and poetry as the vehicles of human experience. In Farhat’s work, however, it is not the logic and formal structure of language that interests her but the symbolic forms which place human language at the crossroads between art, sign, symbol, sculpture, communication and representation.

With a definite focus on the process of making art rather than on the production of cultural objects, this sculptural work is conceived in terms of perception and never as ornament or calligraphy. These material alliterations are constructed as living organisms, acquiring shapes almost intuitively.

Curiouser and curiouser by Simeen Farhat will run from 17 March to 16 April 2015 at JAMM Art Gallery in Dubai with a private view on Monday 16 March from 6-9pm.

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