In Oman, Love – Literally – Reigns Supreme

When it comes to marriage in some Middle Eastern countries, if the price isn’t right, there won’t even be the tiniest notion of a union. Exorbitant dowries for the hands of prime Arab girls often reduce the sanctity of marriage to a mere financial investment. Love and the hope of offspring sometimes have little to do with it. And it’s most often the parents of the intended bride that want to squeeze every last nickel out of the groom’s family.

However, it seems like one country has recently decided to take matters into the Sultan’s hands. According to the Middle East Online, in Oman, a new royal decree puts the final decision of whom a woman can marry right into the ruler’s hands. Parents in Oman have been wholly removed from the decision-making process, much to the delight of intended brides in the kingdom. Women whose parents reject their engagement to their beloved can now petition Sultan Qaboos bin Said right in his own offices.

It’s not completely uncommon for Omani parents to take their daughters to court over dowries left unpaid, or to try to persuade her to marry one of her cousins. However, the new decree helps Omani women to appeal any decision that is not in her favor. And with some dowries being set in the thousands of dollars, Omani brides can only hope that love can now reign supreme over the almighty Rial.

Source: Middle East Online



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