Dubai on track to meet 2030 energy goals

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Dubai is on track to diversify its energy sources by 2030, using nuclear and solar power as well as clean coal, a top official reiterated on Thursday.

Currently imported natural gas accounts for almost of the emirate’s power generation.

In the coming 16 years, Dubai aims to reduce gas use to 71 per cent, and mix its energy sources by depending 12 per cent on nuclear energy, 12 per cent on clean coal and five per cent on solar power.

The target is part of the Dubai Integrated Energy Strategy 2030 and Dubai Electricity and Water Authority (Dewa) is a main part and driver of this goal.

Dewa CEO Saeed Al Tayer said the utility provider will “spare no efforts” to achieve the strategy. His comments came during Thursday’s opening of the one-day Annual Best Practices Conference in Quality, Health, Safety and Environment.

The sixth edition of the conference took place at the Grand Hyatt hotel in Dubai. Officials from Dewa, other government departments, the private sector, and a number of international experts took part in the one-day event.

It included workshops and lectures that highlighted health and safety practices at Dewa.

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Dubai on track to meet 2030 energy goals



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