10 Fun Reasons why you should Visit the Middle East

By: Hyacinth Mascarenhas

1.     Live like royalty:


Source: Five star alliance

Known as the ‘Palace of the Orient,’ the Qasr Al Sharq has ceilings covered 132 pounds of gold leaf and even a Swarovski chandelier with 600,000 crystals hanging in the lobby. Luxury much?

2.  Party in a bomb shelter…no really!


Source: Core77

B018, a nightclub set in what appears to be bomb shelter located in Beirut, Lebanon has a retractable roof that exposes the entire dance floor to a spectacular view of the night sky.

3.  You can try sand-boarding instead of snowboarding (So much more fun!)


Source: The Dubai Safari

4.  Treat the shopaholic in you to a real “shop-till-you-drop” experience 


Source: Travel Weekly

As the world’s largest mall in total area (and yes, it’s in Dubai), the Dubai mall features an Olympic-sized ice rink, an aquarium, a theme park, a fountain show and a plethora of brands from around the globe.

5.  Channel your inner Indiana Jones lately? Check out the ancient city of Petra carved entirely out of a mountain!


Source: Wikimedia

Featured in the 1989 Hollywood blockbuster, Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, Petra, Jordan, is famous for its spectacular city carved out of the limestone rock nearly 2000 years ago.

6.  Enjoy a good spook? Check out this legendary haunted cave in Oman.


Source: Aibob blog

You might just hear hair-raising sounds emerging from this cave know as Majlis Al Jinn, which in Arabic means “meeting place of spirits.”

7.  If you like the food truck version, you know you need to try the real deal.


Source: Wikimedia

If you’re a born foodie, you know you need get a taste of some authentic Middle Eastern cuisine. Their world renowned hospitality will definitely have you full.

8.  Ferrari World (enough said)


Source: The Coolist

9.  Take a mud bath in the Dead Sea

Israel, Jordan Valley (Dead Sea), en Boqueq, the sea's high content in salt allows swimmers to read in the water

Source: MENA infrastructure

Don’t let its morbid name fool you. Take a dip in the lowest, saltiest spot on Earth known for its therapeutic waters.

10. Feeling a little adventurous? Try some sand dune bashing


This unique sport offers the thrill of a rollercoaster as your skilled desert driver surfs across on the slippery sand dunes of Dubai.




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