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#WeCanDoIt: Kuwait youth group launches positivity campaign to celebrate women in the Middle East

September 30, 2015 1:31 pm

We can do it

Women are powerful catalysts for change whose economic integration and social empowerment is a global issue – one that is resonant in the Middle East where positive transformations are sweeping the region.

Arab women are setting the stage for rapid and historic change, becoming more engaged in political and civic actions and ensuring their voices are heard.

Independent Kuwait-based youth initiative Weoritu (pronounced Where To?) has launched an awareness campaign to celebrate accomplished women in the GCC who are inspiring women within and beyond the region.

Their latest project #WeCanDoIt (#نحن_قادرات ) aims to create a short YouTube video featuring positive advice from inspiring women across the region including Kuwait, United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Qatar and Oman.

The team will also collaborate with a local artist to feature portraits of the women in public spaces around the Gulf nations as well.

“The #WeCanDoIt – #نحن_قادرات  project is a result of a shared belief in everyone we have met throughout the start, from our team members who are from across the Middle East to the network of women and men who have made it possible for us to put this initiative together,” said Taibah AlQatami, founder of Weoritu. “Our focus is to promote positivity and inspire future generations by sharing advice from diverse women across the Middle East. We also aim to bring the community closer to one another. Our intention is to instigate a positive ripple effect globally.”

Last year, the team created the viral #HappyQ8 video, inspired by Pharrell William’s “Happy” and his global happiness revolution. Filmed and launched in less than a month, the video shows people of all backgrounds and ages dancing to the incredibly addictive song from Despicable Me 2. The video also got a special introduction by Pharrell himself before the video was aired on International Day of Happiness.

Weoritu achieved their fundraising goal of $35,000 on IndieGogo yesterday, the proceeds of which will go towards their travel, production and media development expenses.

The team has already met with several inspiring women in the region including CEO of UAE’s Media Zone Authority Noura AlKaabi, Undersecretary of the Ministry of State for Youth Affairs Sheikha Al-Zain Al-Sabah and founder of Saudi Arabia’s Banafsajeel Noor Al Dabbagh.



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