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UAEU and Al Ain Zoo launch wildlife conservation course

April 1, 2014 3:58 pm

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UAE University (UAEU) and Al Ain Zoo yesterday (Tuesday) announced the launch of a short zoo-based wildlife conservation course.

The course will be offered, through the zoo’s scholarship, to interested science masters students. Students pursuing their bachelor’s degrees in biology and chemistry can also participate in the course, said an official of UAEU.

The short course, developed by Al Ain Zoo’s Conservation Department, comprises four sessions designed to educate students on the conservation of endangered species of animals and plants outside their natural habitats.

The students, said the UAEU official, will be introduced to a number of the zoo’s endangered species due to over-hunting, habitat loss and persecution and will be given an overview of the challenges faced when reintroducing such species into their natural habitats. They will also be given an overview of animal management and veterinary programmes and how to sow seeds of native plants.

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UAEU and Al Ain Zoo launch wildlife conservation course




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