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Rising Hip-Hop Star From Pakistan, Adil Omar

May 31, 2011 8:33 pm

By: Anum Khan


With no alias, he goes by his real name, Adil Omar, simply because he says he already has a unique name and there is no need for a gimmick for people to remember it.  Adil is Pakistani born and raised who comes from parents that could not really be there for him growing up.  Adil lost his father to alcoholism and his mother suffers from amnesia.  Shortly after, Adil could not focus in his studies and was kicked out of school by fourteen.  These events pushed him towards writing that he felt was the only way he could express himself and overcome isolation. Adil says turning to writing lyrics was the only outlet that was his therapy.

By age eight, Adil was exposed to rappers such as Tupac, Method Man, Redman and Wu-Tang Clan.  After B-Real of Cypress Hill discovered the unusual talents of Adil, he became fortunate to work with names such as Xzibit, Kool G Rap and Everlast, House of Pain and Psycho Realm.  This is when people started taking this hip-hop newbie more seriously.  With his discovery, Adil has been able to learn from these stars “from just being around them and watching them work.”

Adil points out that the majority of Pakistani society may not appreciate hip-hop or rap music, because it is still a new genre in this part of the world.  Becoming a rap artist is also an unusual career path for the majority of Pakistanis, however, once he was approached by B-Real of Cypress Hill, that is when people around him started to realize music making does not just have to be a hobby.  Hip-hop music in Pakistan is an untapped market in Pakistan and has the potential to become a catalyst for empowerment for many of the youth in the region.

Though Adil comes from a conservative society, he says that he does not associate himself with religion because music goes beyond any “racial, nationalistic and religious boundaries.”  The music he makes is where youth can share similar experiences with one another even if the music is not political; “the whole rebellious energy is something a lot of kids could relate to.”

In Adil’s latest music video, “Off the Handle” featuring Xzibit, he wears a traditional Pakistani shalwar kameez commenting that when he is outside Pakistan, he sometimes feels the need to “represent his people from back home,” but was really just having fun as well.  In another video that received much accolade from audiences in both Pakistan and India as well as in America, “Incredible” features him in a Pakistani truck.  Adil says, “People in the West don’t know what to make of it, they’ve seen nothing like it, and people in Pakistan and India are going nuts about it, they love it.”

Adil hopes to get involved with film in the next few years after the release of his debut album.

Adil’s debut album “The Mushroom Cloud Effect” is releasing in 2012, which features Xzibit, B-Real of Cypress Hill, Everlast, Kool G Rap, DJ Lethal of Limp Bizkit and others.  Be sure to watch out for it!




  • AWESOME !!!!! Been a fan of Adil for a long time, I think he deserves every bit of success he gets. Well done my brother !!

  • if he is not Muslim, why is he being featured on this article? sounds kind of ironic isn’t it?

  • if he is not Muslim, why is he being featured on this article? sounds kind of ironic isn’t it?

    • Hiphop2011 sounds like a jealous fool.  If YOU’RE Muslim, why are you spreading mistruths and judging an AWESOME guy? Love you, Adil! I think he’s just pissed he can’t produce your music :p -Ryan

    • if you are a Muslim, you know that we believe that EVERY person is a Muslim, unless they choose to reject it, and then it is only God who can say who is and who is not truly a Muslim.  

      In any case, this magazine is about Islamic culture, which Adil Omar is a part of, whether he practices the rituals of faith or not… 1. He comes from an Islamic heritage (pakistani born and bred)
      2. He speaks and writes in one of the globally recognized languages of Muslim people (urdu)
      3. He performs in a musical style that has been used for many years to vocalize issues important to Muslims… and that grows out of Islamic culture ( from wikipedia: Rapping can be traced back to its African roots. Centuries before hip hop music existed, the griots of West Africa were delivering stories rhythmically, over drums and sparse instrumentation.)

      The real irony here is why someone called hiphop2011 is hating on one of the few hip hop acts to ever be featured on ELAN.

      •  Adil Omar is a self proclaimed atheist, hence he is regarded as a disbeliever. what does adil omars music have to do with Islamic culture?

  • by the way, we have inside info adil omar PAID b-real and xzibit for these collaborations. I think “anum khan” needs to get her facts straight and understand how the music industry functions.

    • Totally false information! Get your facts straight hiphop 2011. “Inside information”, total BS! I will give you a quick lesson on how the music industry works hiphop2011. Those who have talent like Adil Omar make it in life and accomplish what they have. Those who don’t resort to gossip and rumors like you. You’re a sad pathetic man. Grow up!   

      • Big features cost money, people don’t know this?  I thought it was like wrestling at this point and everybody knew but still enjoyed it.  I’ve paid for features and been paid to feature, no big deal either way.  Adil deserves the exposure regardless….hiphop2011…STOP HATING

        • Professional Pakistani Haters don’t look at music as a business, just as fucking Arts & Crafts class or something lol. Regardless of what I paid for or didn’t, I’mma still have to cut everyone a check after I’ve sold a certain amount of copies. That’s how it’s done and for someone who claims to be a “producer”, they should know that!!!

    • Plus I’m prettttty sure I know who hiphop11 is… A certain “producer”
      or should I say pseudo-producer from the Pakistani hip hop scene whose
      been on my case, talking shit for a LONG ass time now. A snake and a
      half, couldn’t talk shit to my face when he met me in person but seems
      to be a realllllllll tough guy behind a computer screen. Not only do all
      his comments seem to be about how I paid for everything and my (lack
      of) religious views, his beats are also trash. Good job, use your real
      name next time.

      • Hamza Kahlon

        Just want to say that you have no idea how proud i am and many others like me…Im SO happy for you dude-I thought “incredible” was going to be a ONE-off kinda thing but seriously I was shocked when someone shared “off the handle” on facebook…oh man reaaallyy happy for you.

        God bless you Adil and may you get unprecedented success as Pakistans Hip Hop artist…

        P.S. Land Eminem in a song and you’ll officially be a Hero to me, a dream come true at least for me 😛

    • I think your a very sad and lonely 40 year old fagg hip hop…GET A LIFE

  • Thanks Anum for the article. Just to clear one issue up though: Despite my Mom falling sick soon after my Dad died, she was back on her feet in no time and has been a huge support.

    As for hiphop11’s comment: the business side of my work is none of your business. Just focus on whether the art is good or whack. I was originally a guest on B-Real’s album before he was on my album and I’ve been doing related work for the past 3 years. I got the Xzibit hook up through Fredwreck who was attached to my project WAY BEFORE Xzibit was even on it. Get off my nuts 🙂

  • Adil Bro keep churning em tunes you are doing a Fab job lad ….. bring some of these fab tunes to the UK as well …….

  • john valentine

    i’m a fan of AO! he’s great…@hiphop2011, xzibit is a rich guy and doesn’t need to do anything he doesn’t want to. he saw talent in adil and that’s why he collaborated…. but why r u against the principle of earning? adil gets paid whenever he does a verse, writes, produces or performs. this IS a career, u know. u stuck at some desk job, bored and jealous, i think?

  • Attitude_gll

    STay BleSseD DudE
    Love & Prayers!!!!

  • wow! i’m not really into rap,but i have to say, i am a fan! and i’m really looking forward to hearing the rest of your album 🙂 keep doin what you’re doin,, you got swag! you are a very talented guy and i think you’re going to go very far 🙂 proud to be a pakistani 🙂 all the best man! 🙂

  • Anum Khan great Article, but I’m sure this is not the complete story about him. As far as I know he does not represent Pakistan or rap in any way. Rappers have a positive or some sort of message connected with their music which is totally missing in this guy’s music. His lyrics are pointless with no direction, he is clearly just another person looking to only make money out of this “game”, which does not seem very likely. Believe me, I know too many people like Adil. However, I still wish him Best of Luck and hope he finds his path. 

    • If all I cared about was making money out of this “game” you’d hear me rapping about popping bottles in the club or mixing what I do with some bhangra shit.

  • Well done dude .. my advise will be quite simple…  dnt give a damn to ppl like hiphop2011… just go on… and dnt even rply to such ass suckers… let them bark…. BEST OF LUCK buddy …love u..

  • Well done dude .. my advise will be quite simple…  dnt give a damn to ppl like hiphop2011… just go on… and dnt even rply to such ass suckers… let them bark…. BEST OF LUCK buddy …love u..

  • Adil please have Eminem in your song!!! It’ll  be the most awesome collaboration! 


    Guest-“Rappers have a positive or some sort of message connected with their music which is totally missing in this guy’s music” I have to agree,what meaning does his music have? 

  • you are doing awsome job adil .i hve sme doubt on you ,but sorie fa that i got misunderstood !!

    you are my fav dude !

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