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National Geographic Abu Dhabi celebrates UAE’s National Day with ‘The Emergence of a Union’

November 30, 2016 10:08 am


National Geographic Abu Dhabi has created a special film commemorating the genesis of the UAE and the unification of the seven emirates. ‘The Emergence of a Union’ will air at 3 pm and repeat at 10 pm on the UAE’s National Day, 2nd December 2016, on National Geographic Abu Dhabi.

‘The Emergence of a Union’ takes viewers on an emotional tour through the country’s history since its foundation, illustrating what the pre-union days were like and how the seven emirates came together as well as why it was so important. The film features interviews with members of the community who narrate emotional and personal stories related to the development and growth of the nation. These key members who lived through the unification, include Dr. Zaki Al Nuseibi, Mohamed Al Fahim and Abdullah Bin Jassim Al Mutairi.

The UAE has grown at a rapid rate. Communities have risen from an undeveloped desert land to create one of the strongest economies in the world. The industrialization, urbanization and modernization of the UAE, combined with the pace of change in education and human development has helped this young country achieve astounding milestones in tourism and trade and as a global hub for aviation.

Abdul Hadi Al Sheikh, Executive Director of Television at Abu Dhabi Media said: “Abu Dhabi Media is dedicated to producing compelling and intelligent content that shares the UAE’s important contributions and achievements with the world. “The Emergence of a Union” encapsulates this vision – combining emotional and personal stories of the development of the UAE with spectacular visuals and engaging narrative.

‘This is one of a number of world-class programs, produced by National Geographic Abu Dhabi, that celebrates and reflects upon the great accomplishments of the Emirati people from the founding of our nation right up to the present day.”

Marlain Daniel, Director Content & Partnerships, National Geographic Abu Dhabi MENA said: “National Geographic Abu Dhabi takes viewers on a journey down memory lane, through a series of interviews with leading members of the community. This is a journey filled with emotion, pride and special moments. What did the union of the seven emirates mean? What has been accomplished, how did it affect people and how is it changing lives today? The film captures these questions and gives the viewers a personal experience at a deeper level than once could gain from reading about these historic events can.”




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